Want to sleep in? Our offer will meet that need!

High-quality window coverings from our range will protect interiors from weather conditions, heating, and cooling. We offer window coverings: shutters, facade blinds, screen blinds, and exterior blinds. All available in several systems, which guarantee the best choice and durability for years to come. We offer window coverings (blinds) for new buildings (built-in blinds) as well as for existing buildings, so-called (window blinds). Blinds serve an insulation function, protecting against light and noise. We also recommend a range of accessories that can be equipped with selected sunshades. All the mentioned features, as well as a wide range of colors, make it worth choosing window coverings, for example from the Eko Okna company.

Practical and aesthetic exterior blinds designed for installation on the building facade or in the window recess. Thanks to its structure, made of fiberglass and PVC, the exterior blind system provides indispensable protection against excessive heating of the rooms. It provides comfort to its users, especially during warmer times of the year.

Facade blinds are a convenient system that, thanks to its design, enables better thermal and acoustic insulation, saving a significant amount of thermal energy, especially during colder times of the year. An additional convenience is the possibility of installing a mosquito net along with the facade blind insert type C.

We could write a lot about our offer, but we take a step forward to the customer. A configurator has been created so that the customer can get to know the offer and configure their dream product combination in a pleasant way. This is a great solution to lay a strong foundation for future conversations. After selecting the appropriate products and adding them to the cart, please proceed to the next step (in the cart) and provide the information so that we can contact you. Please treat the displayed price as illustrative!

Pawłowski Okna Jasło external and internal blinds

Sometimes, our personal space needs a bit of privacy when we don’t want to be visible to passers-by, desired or unwanted. Or maybe you dream of darkening a room to enjoy a moment of peace during the day? In that case, blinds are the perfect solution for you!

We offer a wide selection of external and internal blinds that we hope will meet your expectations. Our blinds are not only user-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing and durable. We offer blinds in various sizes and colors, which gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect model for every interior.

External blinds provide excellent protection against sun, rain, and wind. Properly installed on the outside of windows, they effectively block UV radiation and protect against wind, rain, and street noise. They are not only very functional but also extremely aesthetic.

Internal blinds are a perfect solution for people who want to darken a room or protect it from the sun. Our blinds are easy to install and use, and their aesthetics will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

For us, the satisfaction of our customers is the most important, which is why we only offer products of the highest quality. Our blinds are made from materials resistant to UV radiation and the effects of atmospheric factors. As a result, they are durable and do not lose their color or appearance for many years. Additionally, our blinds are easy to keep clean, which is particularly important for people with allergies.